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The program will provide curriculum that includes the following:

  • Experience in core ecological and evolutionary principles underlying conservation and restoration
  • Interdisciplinary training in the earth and environmental sciences important for a modern perspective on system-based conservation and restoration
  • Training in professional skills required for effective practice and success in leadership positions in non-profit, institute, for-profit, and agency settings
  • Research experiences in community-engaged research projects to build bridges between communities of research capacity (universities, institutes, agencies) and need (non-profits, land management agencies, private land-holders, and governments)
  • Exposure to social, political, and economic principles that guide the application of science to conservation and restoration

The MCRS is a 2-year program, consisting of 6 full time quarters (each 12 units).  The 72 total units are broken down as follows:

  • Core content courses: 18 units
  • Topical electives: 16 units
  • Technical and professional skills courses: 18 units
  • Technical and professional workshops: 8 units
  • Group Capstone Project: 12 units


Sample Program

An updated version coming soon!