Students are required to take 4 electives (16 elective units).

One elective must come from each category.

One course from Category A

Environmental Regulation & Policy

UPPP 205 Environmental Economics & Policy
UPPP 224 Environmental Politics & Policy
UPPP 244 Land Use Policy
UPPP 252 Environmental Law & Policy
UPPP 270 Environmental Ethics
UPPP 275 Special Topics (Rotating)
Bio Sci E189 Environmental Ethics

One course from Category B

Organismal Biology and Diversity

EEB 275 Wildlife Ecology and Sampling
EEB 271 Marine Research & Conservation
Bio Sci E160 and E160L Biology of Birds
Bio Sci E184 Ecology and Diversity of Insects

One course from Category C

Earth & Environmental Science

Eco Evo 227 Plant Physiological Ecology
ESS 222 Global Climate Change & Impacts
ESS 238 Satellite Remote Sensing for Earth System Science
ESS 266 Global Biogeochemical Cycles

The fourth elective course may be taken in any of the above categories or from the following:

UPPP 235 GIS Problem Solving in Planning

Please note that each elective course is not offered every quarter or every year. The MCRS Academic Coordinator works with students to identify and plan their elective courses.

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