Marcus Gonçalves

After graduation, Marcus joined ICF Environmental Consulting as a Habitat Restoration Specialist. He is currently working on a 100+ acres project in the Otay River, where he has applied many of the concepts and methods from the program. Supporting the Southern California Natural Resources Group, he is involved in many other restoration projects including Santa Ana River and the Tule Desert. He also regularly participates in plant and wildlife surveys, including the protection and conservation of few of California’s sensitive species. He has now completed my CRAM training with certifications in riverine, depressional and vernal pool systems; additionally, he’s begun training on eminent tree pests in San Diego. After graduation, Marcus found himself to be a competitive candidate in the workplace, eager to begin his career in repairing SoCal’s distrubed lands.

Hailey Laskey

Hailey is now the Preserve Manager for the Center for Natural Lands Management. She manages the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve and the adjacent conservation area, including Riverside County Open Space and the Tenaja Corridor–about 10,000 acres. She manages and monitors the habitat for 12 state and federally listed species. She removes invasive species through chemical herbicides, manual removal, mechanical techniques, and even prescribed fire. All habitat management techniques are monitored within each management unit through vegetation transects. She either implements the work herself or coordinate work with volunteers and CDFW staff. Another aspect of her job is coordinating all research access at the Plateau. The Plateau is part of the Western Riverside County Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan; naturally, Hailey also collaborates with the Regional Conservation Authority contracted biologists to meet regional conservation goals.