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About MCRS

The Masters in Conservation and Restoration Science (MCRS) at UCI is a highly collaborative program, portions of which will embed students into real-world conservation and restoration settings through community partnerships. When the program is completed, students will earn an MCRS degree.

The MCRS program is offered through the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) and the Center for Environmental Biology (CEB) within the School of Biological Sciences.

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Why choose MCRS?

The Masters in Conservation and Restoration Science (MCRS) curriculum is designed for professional growth in the area of active, adaptive management.

Our students work closely with faculty and community partners in a rigorous, field-based program.

The learning experience culminates in a solution-based capstone project conducted in collaboration with one of our many community partners.

Capstone Project


The MCRS program prepares students to pursue careers that enable them to collaborate and lead in planning, designing, implementing, and managing environmental conservation and restoration activities in agency, non profit and for profit settings.

Careers for Graduates


  • Highly engaged academic and practitioner faculty
  • Interdisciplinary foundation
  • Leadership and management focus
  • Community-engaged projects
  • Partnerships with local agencies
  • Non-profits and businesses
Program Structure

Latest News

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· Priority Review Deadline February 1st

· Regular Review Deadline April 1st

*Please Note: The priority deadline is February 1; applications received by this date are read first, and next fall’s cohort begins to fill from this group. April 1 is the normal deadline; the remainder of the cohort is filled from these applicants. If the cohort is not full after each review of the April 1 applicants, additional applications will be accepted until June 30 1 (or June 1 for International student applications). We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2024.