Know your Data – your Research

Team ESRE, photo credit: Taylor McGrath


The last week of our Spring 2021 quarter was a special one. It was the quarter we all finally received our long-awaited Capstone project assignments….

Memoirs of a California Beach Hopper

Have you ever felt incredibly small; so invisible that people didn’t even know that you existed? You watch as passerby’s step on you, unnoticed and unappreciated. All the while people…

Feedback loops in seagrass ecosystems

Seagrasses form the base of an extremely useful habitat that has nevertheless begun to decline. Unstable conditions brought about by climate change and human intervention has led to the receding or…

The Journey of a Real Scientist

It’s 4:00 on a sunny Friday afternoon, and it feels like I have sent and received a hundred emails today. Meetings are lined up all next week with various group…

Like a Shrub

As I near the home stretch and reflect back on my experience of this master’s program so far, one word comes to mind: Resilience.

There’s no question that the past couple of years of…

Photo by: MCRS Beach Wrack Team

The Power of Curiosity

At the beginning of my second year of the MCRS program when my capstone team was beginning to weave together our project, I expected that the outreach…

Desert Discord

I’m watching you choke
on fresh blood pouring
From your perfectly
Crafted beak
Your itsy bitsy
Tiny mouth
Made for chickweed, buckwheat, sorrel seeds
in the Fall
Plucked from the net
You are in human hands
The large kind
Dark cotton ball head
Poking out between…

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